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An experienced team providing a range of training
and procedural modules to meet legal requirements

fire training legal

Fire Training Organisation provide a wide range of training services and products designed to reduce exposure to risk
or corporate disaster.
Our success has enabled us to constantly re-evaluate what we do, the services we offer and the way in which we deliver a complex service to an ever growing and diverse client portfolio.

Training and procedural modules Please Choose:
  • Fire drill monitoring


    Specialist staff training

    The Fire Training Organisation provides a specialist staff training course that is conducted in-house and tailored to the working procedures and routines of your building.

    It has been designed to provide instruction for all persons that assume special responsibilities at the time of an emergency; such persons will include fire marshals, security, maintenance staff and receptionists.

    General staff training -The fire safety exhibition

    Fire safety instruction should be made available to all members of staff working within the building. We have devised a unique method of training large numbers of staff to ensure that our clients comply with legislation whilst maximising productivity.

    The Fire Safety Exhibition is capable of training up to 1,000 members of staff within just one day. This high impact training programme is yet another example of our innovative approach to providing fire safety solutions for our client portfolio.

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    Emergency procedure & risk documentation

    Our Emergency Procedure and Risk Documentation service consists of a comprehensive investigation and production of emergency procedures for your premises.

    All detail with regard to the various job functions of personnel in an emergency situation are evaluated together with the building itself, floor layouts, emergency escape routes, assembly point locations and safe areas.

    The end product is a fully documented emergency procedure folder comprising approximately fifteen to twenty sections detailing the responsibilities and duties of all staff in an emergency situation.


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    Fire drill monitoring

    Our Fire Drill Monitoring Service prioritises on the more important matters that should be addressed during a drill; those of incident control and incident management.

    The service provides you with two fire safety managers to implement the drill. On completion, all specialist staff receive a debrief from our fire safety managers and a full written report of the evacuation drill is sent to management detailing the actions taken by all persons

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    Fire & emergency procedure cards

    The Fire and Emergency Procedure Card offers your organisation a unique opportunity to provide employees with professionally written emergency information to comply with current legislative requirements.

    Presented in a six page full colour pocket-size format, the card comes complete with illustrations and a fire fighting equipment guide.

    Each card is unique as it relates to your premises, your procedures and routines and guides your employees through the stages of evacuation for both fire and bomb emergencies.

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    Fire & emergency procedure boards

    The Fire and Emergency Procedure Board provides detailed and graphical information at a glance for all actions to be taken in an emergency. Displaying information relating to emergency personnel for fire and first aid in conjunction with emergency actions to be taken by all staff, each board is specifically designed to meet your corporate needs and requirements.


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    Incident control management

    The correct management and control of an emergency incident is of paramount importance in reducing the risk of loss of life and consequential loss to the company. All too often, members of staff that are designated this position of responsibility are inadequately trained or lack the knowledge to deal with incident control management effectively.

    The Incident Control Management Course has therefore been specifically designed to address this problem and provide to its delegates the necessary information to effectively manage and control an emergency incident. The course is conducted in-house and tailored to the working procedures, routines and your company's emergency policies.

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    Disaster scenario testing

    Business continuity planning is of paramount importance if an organisation is to continue trading after a major incident.

    Although organisations implement planning procedures and policies to deal with the threat of disaster, all too often these procedures and more importantly the management in place to implement them are rarely, if at all put to the test.

    Disaster Scenario Testing is a service offered by our organisation and one that is increasingly being demanded by organisations waking up to their shortfalls in the testing of their continuity planning.

    The service has been designed to thoroughly test all areas of the business continuity plan, the business relocation and its managerial personnel.


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    Fire safety management

    A comprehensive course outlining the legal obligations placed upon employers and the necessary measures that are needed to ensure compliance.

    A practical and user-friendly approach to fire safety management that provides delegates with the necessary information to effectively manage and control the risk of fire within their premises.

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