Evacuation Chair and Impaired Mobility Training

shutterstock_396126565Following the introduction of the “Disability Discrimination Act” in 1995 and the subsequent Equality Act 2010, employers have been aware of their obligations in addressing the needs of all their staff.

However one area that is often overlooked is the requirement to address the issue of egress in an emergency for staff who may have impaired mobility likely to affect their evacuation.

P.E.E.P (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) is now a recognised term and should be applied to all staff working within the building who may require assistance or an alternative approach to evacuation.

Formerly the fire & rescue services would accept the use of refuge areas within buildings, allowing staff to be left in protected stairwells whilst awaiting the arrival of the emergency services. This has now changed and the fire & rescue services would expect effective management procedures and equipment where appropriate, for managing the evacuation of all persons within the building including those that may have impaired mobility.

Fire Management Solutions have gained a wealth of experience across all industries and have developed specific training courses designed to allow employers to manage the issue of impaired mobility in fire and emergency incidents.

These courses include the practical use of evacuation chairs and alternative devices in addition to the development and implementation of P.E.E.P systems .

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