Complete this questionnaire to find out if your company is at risk from fire.

Is your company at risk

Do you have a current fire risk assessment?

Is your fire risk assessment reviewed on a regular basis?

Is your fire alarm tested weekly and are test records available for inspection?

Is your emergency lighting tested monthly and are test records available for inspection?

Is your fire-fighting equipment tested annually?

Are all fire exits routinely inspected and opened to ensure they are available for use?

Are all fire doors routinely inspected to ensure they are in good condition and effectively self-closing?

Do all staff receive fire training on induction and continually throughout their time within the company?

Do staff with specific roles in a fire incident (Fire Marshals and Incident Co-ordinators etc) have regular training pertinent to their role?

Are fire drills conducted annually to cover all shift patterns, ensuring all staff are familiar with actions to take, exit routes and assembly points?

You have finished the questionnaire

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