Staff TrainingFire safety training is a requirement for all staff and companies should ensure an effective management program is in place to confirm this is undertaken annually.

The training of general staff has always been considered to be a hindrance due to the maintenance of training records and of course the down-time where staff are attending training rather than undertaking their work.

Fire Management Solutions working with their clients have developed a bespoke online training program allowing all staff to conduct site specific fire training at their work station or anywhere where there is a PC with an internet connection.  The training allows staff to familiarise themselves with the fire safety systems within their building, the fire exits and the assembly points. Having completed the training, staff are required to complete a short questionnaire to evaluate their participation. This is then recorded to ensure the Responsible Person for the building has a daily/monthly update of who has undertaken their fire training.

This training is ideal for a business with one or one hundred buildings world-wide as the training can be accessed anywhere in the world. One of our clients already utilising the system has 72 properties.

The benchmark for the training is set by the client in conjunction with FMS to ensure legal compliance is met.

Following an initial design fee there is then a minimal annual user fee which can be as little as £1.00 per user depending on staff numbers etc.